New Year New Plan


Sooooo how ya been?

How’s the family and or fur babies?

The new plan for productivity is in fact not new. I’ve known for years that I thrive on micromanagement, but the problem is I get too lazy to do it. It’s very easy to get into the routine of work, kids, and dinner without any attention on the things that feed your creative soul.

I’m back to the 30+ minutes a day routine I started last year, but now I have a set time of day for it. Everyone in the house knows when it is and can respect that it is only 30 minutes.

Recently we have created a sewing room of sorts out of our walk-in closet which has greatly added to my creativity and productivity because I can have all my machines out at the same time again.

I’ve decided to commit to 52 projects a week with a blog post on Fridays to show what I made. I’ve also decided to do Rochelle’s #2017MakeNine, an 8 piece wardrobe challenge from the Sew Alongs and Sewing Contest Facebook group, and Artisans Square SWAP.

Very ambitious I know, but most of the garments can work within the different sew alongs since I have not started any of the planned garments yet.  So what about you? What challenges have you made for yourself?



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Week In Review #6



That is how I will be running to my sewing machine this weekend!

This week was pretty eye opening for me as far as understanding how I could go weeks or months without sewing. Now with the daily goal of sewing I could pinpoint that dreaded time in the day when I realized that no sewing is going to take place. I’ve learned that I only have a few windows of time, but it is easy for family members to gobble them up.
Monday: I can only hope that hubby will have to save the world via Call of Duty after dinner.

Tuesday: Same as Monday.

Wednesday: This day rotates bi-weekly. One week I have from 4am-6am and 9am-2:00 provided I don’t need to leave the house. Hubby goes to sleep early on work days and since all of the machines are in the bedroom that cuts out evening sewing until Sunday. I often think about maybe sewing at the kitchen table, but unplugging and moving the machines seems more trouble than it’s worth. The other week, Wednesday is just like Monday.

Thursday: 4am-6am and 9am-2pm

Friday: 4am-6am and 9am-2pm

Saturday: Glorious Saturday!! The day I don’t have to take the girls to school. The day we usually order Chinese or pizza so I don’t have to stop and cook diner. The last day of hubby’s work week, so Call of Duty is almost guaranteed when he gets home. Saturdays are my sewing bff!

Sunday: I have three girls with mid-back to waist length hair, so usually this hair day. I can sometimes squeeze some sewing in there, but I don’t bank on it.

So as you can imagine this week must have sucked.

I only got to sew on Saturday 1/31. I still managed to do 3 hours because I was putting together my January Burda Challenge garment. I was hoping to at least finish it on the last day of January, but the sizing was off. I made a size smaller than my measurements since I was working with a ponte instead of suede, but it is still too big. I had to take it in at least 2″ from the knee down, and about an inch from the knee up. They are not kidding when they say high waisted. They sit under my chest. I’m working hard so they don’t turn into a waddler.

Total Time: 3 hours

No new patterns or fabrics purchased.

Alrighty folks, let’s hope this week is a little more productive.



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Week In Review #5



I’m going to switch it up a little bit this week and put the sewing chatter first.

Patterns Purchased:

I was absolutely right that I would fall into bra/lingerie-making rabbit hole.  I’ve since added Ohh Lulu’s  Anna, Jasmine, Longline Bralette, Brigette, Grace, Jane, Gia, and Lola to the collection.  I blame a coupon code for this.   Pretty Girls Sew is having a lingerie sew-a-long in February so check out their page if you want the details.  I’m not sure the protocol on sharing codes so I hope you will understand me leading you to the source.

Style Arc has started putting their patterns Etsy!  This is great because you get more than one size.  Unfortunately the multiple sizes are not nested so you can not blend sizes.  I purchased the Ziggi (I think I’m going to need the size 12 instead of the size 14 I purchased before), Wallis Pants, and Frankie Dress.

The new Vogue’s went up last week and this weekend there is a sale on BMV so I got V1440, V1439, V1436.  Shipping was only $4 which was a pleasant surprise.  Usually I always curse myself for paying their high shipping, but I hate how late the Joann’s get the patterns around here.

I think that’s all the damage I did this week :)

Sewing Timesheet:

1/24: Tapped together Burda pants for the Burda Challenge and cut out the pleather accent pieces. Time: 2 hours

1/25: Cut Granville out of the “good” fabric. Time: 1 hour 



1/28: Cut out pattern pieces for Jacket Express pattern and tapped together the Watson Bra and Panties and few of the Ohh Lulu patterns.  This was broken up throughout the day but total time was 1.5 hours


1/30: Finish cutting out Burda pants.  Hopefully I ‘ll get to sew them together this evening.  Time: 1 hour

Total Time: 5.5 hours.

Since it’s the end of the month I will go on ahead and tally a total of 23 hours 15 minutes.

Alright folks let me jump into these Burda pants!

<3 <3 <3





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Creating A Stylish Handmade Wardrobe: My Clutch 20

One of the January assignments for the Wardrobe Architect is to try to come up with at least 20 patterns or designs that will help you build your wardrobe.  Today I will share silhouettes that I think work will for my body and the patterns that I will use to recreate them.

Just a little bit about me so you will know the shape I’m dressing here.  I’ve considered myself pear shaped for most of my life, but in my older age I’m turning more into a figure 8/hourglass.  I seem to gain weight in my chest now instead of my legs.  If I don’t define my very short waist I end up looking very round.

I’m 5’6″ and 150lbs.

34″ High Bust, 38″ Full Bust

30″ Waist

42″ very low on my hips but most of my lower body corresponds with a 38″ Hip.

I’m suppose to be losing 15lbs this year so maybe I might go back to being more pearish, but I like food so we shall see :)


V-Neck and Wrap Tops 

Wrap Tops & V-Necks

I have a few patterns that can produce similar results, but In House Jenny, Papercut Coppelia, and Syle Arch Dotty are all good places to start.


Button Up Shirts

Button Up Shirts

I don’t think you need another button up pattern if you have Grainline Archer and Sewaholic Granville.  I do of course , but these will cover all my bases. :)

Outerwear, Bulky shirts, or 3rd Layer

Outer Layers

In Texas there really isn’t a need for bulky layers, but sweatshirts and long sleeves are almost year round for me.  It’s funny how temperatures that was once pleasant in Maryland are now considered nippy to me here.  I also live with people who insist on having the air conditioning set to Arctic.  Undercover Hoodie and M6992 will do well for usual frump-tastic days.   M6844, M7055, and Ziggi Moto Jacket for a more put together look.



Pants, Leggings, & Sweats

Thurlow, Hudson, Expresso Leggings, Anima Pants, Ginger Jeans, and Taylor Shorts are all my usual and favorite silhouettes.




I love skirts, but I’m realizing that I don’t wear them often.  When I do it is usually a maxi skirt, but I would like to add a circle skirt and a gathered skirt to the mix.  I have a few circle skirt measurement tutorials booked marked.  Colette Zinnia, and Syrah Skirt by Selvage Designs will round out the other two styles.



Maxis, wrap, and skater style dresses are the usual that I wear.  Of course I love to sew fancy dresses, but we are not trying to make a wardrobe for my pretend life :) Sewaholic Saltspring, M6744, M7081,M6752 M6884, M6754, M6713, and M6559 are all good starting points for those styles.

There you have it folks! I’m not saying that I wont deviate from this plan sometimes, but it is my goal sew more staple garments that I will wear instead of a bunch of ‘look what I can make’ garments.

Talk to y’all later!! <3<3<3


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Week In Review #4

I have no idea where all my time went.  Usually I can pin point what happened but this week a unicorn ate my time.

I’m sure of it.


1/17 Finished M7099 muslin.  The 12 up top, 14 at the bottom turned out well but I think I can get away with a straight 12.   Time: 1.5 hours


1/19: Cut out Granville muslin.  Time: 45 minutes



1/22: Sewed together the Granville muslin except for the sleeve.  I’m pretty excited about the fit overall with the size 12. IMG_0153    FullSizeRender 3

Do you think I can get away with not doing a sway back adjustment by letting the seams out a bit just below the wrinkles?

Time: 1.5 hours

1/23: I usually post this around 2pm so I can come back and add anything that I may have done  the Friday morning, but I got to take the car to dealership instead. :(

FullSizeRenderThat was really my face when hubby made the appointment.

Total Time: 3 hours 45 minutes.

Patterns Purchased:

I caved and bought the Watson Bra pattern.  I didn’t want it because I feel like it may lead me down another rabbit hole that I may not get out of.  Lord knows I do not need a distraction from garment sewing!! I want to purchase a kit from Blackbird Fabrics because even though I am 100% sure there are suitable materials in the stash, I want to feel the ideal fabrics.

UPDATE: shhhhhh I bought two kits.

Burda High Waisted Panel Leggings :

112-012015-M_largeMy love for purchasing this kind of pants pattern is almost as excessive as my moto jacket pattern obsession.  I think I have a Vogue and McCalls pattern that basically do the same thing, but I purchased this to be apart of a Burda Challenge that I will explain in detail Monday.

Idyllwild Top: I know I have like 20 t-shirt patterns but this one was a $1.

Alright folks, I’m off to play with the Keurig at the dealership and drink all their coffee! Anything new? Any thoughts on my muslin? :)




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Week In Review #3



We made it folks! How was your week? Anything exciting?

1/10- Tapped together Sewaholic Granville.  It took me two hours since I moved the party out to the living room to be with the family while they played video games.  Time: 2 hours.

1/11- Nada. We went to this ridiculously over priced place called Bowl and Barrel to take the girls bowling.  The coolest thing they have there is this big ole thick soft pretzel that’s about the size of a dinner plate.  I should have taken a picture of it, but the social media part of my brain must have been asleep.

1/12- I started watching Pam Howard’s Craftsy course The Classic Tailored Shirt *affiliate link* in preparation for the Granville.  I had bought it about 4 or 5 months ago, but never really dived into.  This pattern review and a conversation in the Former Fasters group (where all the rtw fasters from 2014 hang out at) made me eager to start watching it.  Pam is a great teacher, so with her hand holding I think my first button up shirt should be great. Time: 1 hour.

1/13- More Craftsy class watching. Time: 1.5 hours.

1/14- No sewing for really no good reason. :(

1/15- Traced out only the Granville pattern pieces needed for a muslin onto exam table paper.  Paper patterns….PDF patterns all still end in me tracing!!! I thought I would be a little more free with the PDF’s, but after spending all that time tapping together they become just as precious as paper patterns. :/ Time: 30 minutes.

1/16- Finally spent some time with M7099.  I completed steps 1-7.5 and 14.  I’ll probably go back to it some more later today.  Even though I hated cutting out the ITY knit fabric it is not being a beast to put together.  I’m thinking I may need to go up to the 14 when sewing it together in the ponté knit I have in mind for it. Time: 1 hour.

 Grand total: 6 hours.

No pattern or fabric  purchases this week, but I have been drooling over the Cloth Habit Watson Bra and Bikini Pattern.  

Have a great weekend y’all! <3 <3 <3


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Week In Review #2

Happy Friday everyone!


I decided to bring back the Week In Review feature as a place where I can just brain dump my sewing thoughts and ideas that come up in the week every Friday.  I will also record if I have been able to spend at least 30 minutes a day, or a cumulative 3.5 hours minimal a week on sewing related tasks.  Since the first week of the new year was so short I will combine the two weeks together in this one.

1/1: Cut out M7099 jumpsuit test run in this ITY knit that gave me a time with its slinkiness.  Time 1.5 hours

1/2: Cut out Black Polka Dot In House Jenny t-shirt.  I also made pattern adjustments to the Jenny sleeve, and half way tapped together SBCC Manhattan.  How do you half way tape up a pattern you might be wondering?  Well I didn’t realize that the front was in a separate pdf, so after tapping away on just the back and waistbands, I didn’t have it in me to finish.  I’m pretty excited about them though, since it has a two piece waistband.  Time: 2 hours

1/3: Funeral.  A dear cousin who lost her battle with cancer services were today.  Not a time for tears though because she fought the fine fight for 8 years and it was time for her to take her rest.  There is nothing like a funeral or a wedding to bring everyone from near and far together, so getting to see everyone was nice even though the occasion was sad.

1/4: Traveled to Little Rock, AK.  Time to go back to school, so we met Dezi’s mom half way to bring her back to Texas.  I did bring with me two sewing books for the drive.

2015-01-04 08.31.26

I won’t count time because I kind of did it off and on in the 12 hours it took for the round trip.

1/5: Dumped out my dresser draws and tossed away what was worn out or ill-fitting.  How is that sewing related? I have to see what I got, so I know what to sew :) Ya’ll will see the results of that sometime next week. Time: 1.5 hours

1/6: Cleaned Touched the sewing tables.  I had very little time today so I decided I would straighten up the sewing area. My sewing tables are such a mess, so at the end of 30 minutes it didn’t look like I did much of anything. :(   Time: 30 minutes

1/7: Touched the sewing table some more so that I could at least sew a few seams. Sewed the shoulder seams and neck binding together on the Jenny.   Time: 30 minutes

1/8: Sewed side seams of Jenny together, tried it on, and took a picture for Instagram. That counts, right? :)


Time: 30 minutes

1/9: CLEANED the sewing tables!! I can actually see the black of the tables again so I will count this day as a successful clean up day. Time: 1.5 hours

Grand total: 8 hours

Patterns Purchased:

I’ve been on the fence with the Grainline Archer for at least a year now, because I just can’t decide what size to do.  Since it has a lot of ease built into the pattern, I’m worried that it will make me look huge without a defined waist.  Tasia released the Granville shirt and I jumped on it as soon as the email was received.  2015-01-08 10.21.17


M6928: A score from eBay that I just had to have after seeing Goodbye Valentino include it among her 2014 sewing recap.

It looks just like top in this set from Polyvore:

Mint the Green!


<3<3<3 Have a great weekend y’all!!


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Creating A Stylish Handmade Wardrobe: Who Am I?

The color grey has been my bff since I was 19.

The color navy is trying to become my bff if you look at the fabric I’ve bought this past year.

Stripes, Stripes, and more Stripes.

I like to sew fancy stuff for parties and outings that don’t exist.

Skinny jeans, Skinny jeans, and more Skinny jeans.

Jackie Kennedy in my head, Roseanne Bar in real life.


I am terrible at buying accessories.

Leggings are pants.  End of discussion.

2014-12-21 16.11.12

An obsession with aztec prints is growing, but since they usually contain some kind of stripe pattern I think it is just another symptom of Stripe Disease.

Cold weather is the devil. I could care less about boot, coat,  or sweater weather.

However since I am always cold I do appreciate a good hoodie, jacket, blazer, or cardigan.

If this stuff could magically appear in my closet?  That’d be great!

Pefect 10



I love peplums, circle skirts, ruffles, and v-necks.

I think I will be sewing from these color palettes for the next few months:AutumnColor505





Coletterie’s Wardrobe Architect posts were very helpful in narrowing myself down.  Some of the next few post in this series will address figuring out what I already have and what patterns I plan on using to fill in the gaps.



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Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!


I know. I know Robert, I’m tired of saying it too! LOL

In all of my 33 years of living, I don’t think I have been readier to be done with a year than 2014! It has felt like I’ve been on one roller coaster ride after another, and honey let me tell you there are very few things I hate more than roller coasters! What’s the thrill in having your guts flipped upside down and feeling like you’re about die??!!! Truth be told I haven’t been allowed to get off of a couple of those damn things yet, however I am feeling that if I make the conscious effort to get back to things that bring me joy, they will turn more into kiddie rides 😉

So what’s the plan for 2015?


1 Limit Pattern Testing.

I love pattern testing because it gives me a deadline and the tester pool groups usually are a lot of fun, but I’ve learned that I never get around to sewing other stuff.  I’m usually picked a lot to test for Brooklyn’s size, so she ended up with the most momma made items.  Hubby actually called me out like I was playing favorites, but it was just my lack of being able to juggle regular sewing and tester sewing.   It then affects the blog because I don’t want to be constantly blogging about tester patterns all the time.  I’m happy to shed light on a great pattern, but when everyone is blogging about the same pattern because it was just released it feels a little stale to me, and I didn’t want to be apart of that.  There is also that feeling of wasted fabric when a pattern just doesn’t work out.  

2 Do something sewing related everyday.

At the end of 2013 I talked my sewing resolutions and one of them was about feeling guilty when I sew.  That still didn’t get resolved because I never implemented the micro management I know I need.  I purchased a pretty awesome planner called The Passion Planner that should be here any day now that integrates your goals into your daily plan.  It may not make a difference, but I feel getting back to tangible paper and pen might be what was missing from plan last year.  There is also cool board that has been around in previous years, but has started over for the new year on Pattern Review called 30 Minutes a Day in 2015 that I plan to be actively apart of.   There is not a day that I know don’t waste at least an hour spinning my wheels on nothing so why not spin them at the machines or cutting table.

3 Get back into blogging and social media.

I loved blogging, reading blogs, and being nosey on social media, but somehow in the past 2 years I feel like I have become a hermit in not commenting or being more active in our wonderful community.  Actually I know how.  Hubby isn’t into these things so I kind of gave it up for him. He never asked me to, but it seemed to make him uncomfortable so I let it go.   Sounds lame I know, but I didn’t want offend and it seemed like such a small thing to give up.   However, I feel when you give up something for someone and they can’t really fill that void it leaves you feeling empty and resentful. Not being active on social media has caused isolation from my passion.  Hubby and I can talk about many of things, but sewing, fashion, and makeup is not his cup of tea other than stating what he doesn’t like or how something can be better after the fact.  There is a middle ground of peace between my two loves, and this year we are going to figure it out.  In fact, he has already made a supportive step and made some music for me that can use for the Youtube channels I plan on starting.

4 Continuing the RTW fast but upping the ante.

I’m happy to report that I did not by one piece of RTW last year. Not even the allowed stuff!! LOL I’m not satisfied though because I have not sewn much for myself at all. I thought the RTW challenge would bring me closer to a handmade wardrobe, but it seems like shopping isn’t my issue. Obviously this means I’m just wearing the same old RTW “uniforms” and not actually sewing those clutch pieces. I’ve decided that I’m going to up the ante and make it a point to sew a handmade version of something RTW that I wear all the time. The old item I will repurpose, trash, donate or sell once completed.
That’s about it on the sew resolutions. I did pretty good with not buying a shit load of fabric last year, so I will continue to sew from stash, but I won’t put any pressure not to buy. Patterns are always a different story and my stash is slightly shameful but I’m ok with that.

So here’s to better 2015!




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Perfect Pattern Parcel #7 Bags! Bags! Bags!

Pattern Parcel #7: Choose your own price and support DonorsChoose. Win/win!

Here it is folks.  The last day of the sale for the last Pattern Parcel for the year.   This time the parcel features various bags.  Now I’m not a very crafty person.  I know that sounds crazy from somebody who sews, but I really only like making garments.  However I have a bunch of really cool quilters cotton that will never see the light of day unless I do some crafty things with them.  When I found out the patterns included I knew instantly which one I wanted to make.  I had been eyeing the Swoon Patterns Betty Bowler for a long time, but was kinda intimidated.  Now it was like fate had put Betty and I together!

2014-11-21 08.20.36

The cool graffiti print is actually some fabric that I got by accident.  I thought I was ordering a type of knit from a person in a  Facebook destash group,  but it turned out to be the stuff cloth diapers are made from (PUL or Polyurethane Laminate fabric). This makes the bag wipeable should anything spill on it.

2014-11-21 08.22.19

Shhhhh!!!! My zipper is on the wrong side. >_<  Since I am a bag newbie, this one is not without it’s problems, but the instructions were so easy follow, I still managed to get a great bag even with my goofs.  I enjoyed the challenge so much that I purchased Swoon Patterns’ Dottie and Blanche.  If you are looking to try your hand a few different types of bags, the parcel is the perfect way to get your feet wet.

Since a bag doesn’t have a good side or bad side to photograph here is a cute girl and little dog!

2014-11-21 08.27.37

Yup the yorkie is in the bag.

2014-11-21 08.26.35

She’s telling you to click the Purchase button. 😉


Pattern Parcel #7: Choose your own price and support DonorsChoose. Win/win
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