Scooping Has Actually Fixed It!…I Think!

Whenever I see the word scooping I instantly think of ice cream.  Scooping ice cream and trying to fit in pants don’t go together, but scooping and crotch curves seem to go together for me.  This is partly my recent post on a Pattern Review Thurlow thread with additional flavor that I only share with people who love me!  Arielle and Alethia have been humoring me with suggestions on my fit,  and I probably have been humoring them with my silliness.  Fair trade right?!  I’ve walked around in these short for almost two days straight trying to figure them out.  The wedgy was confusing because it didn’t feel like I had a bunch of fabric up my butt!  They are so comfortable and no plumber’s crack regardless of how I bend or sit. This morning I set to work to figure things out and I think I have a good start, but it has also raised some new questions.

I decided to work with my shorts instead of going straight to paper. I know that most of the time not much can be done to fix crotch issues once the pants are sewn, but here I was able to make some improvements. Oh and I also turned the cuff up one more time.  It didn’t help the bagginess, but it made it look closer to how Tasia has them modeled.

Old pair on the left and improved old pair on the right of course.

So I basically resewed the cb seam over and over scooping out and taking in a little bit each time.
Highlighted new curve before I trued up the seam allowances.  This is what the shorts kinda look like on the inside now .

I basically measured the new seam lines I made and transferred that to the pattern. It ended up being a scoop of 1/4″ out the curve and making the cb extension thingy 1/2″ bigger gradually tapering to nothing at the waist. If this new pattern piece works I will share the new shape.  I’m hoping I got the new seam allowances right.  Maybe I should just cut it out as usual but draw stitching lines on the fabric?  Scooping out that much but not adding to the sides has basically cured the extra ease I was telling  Alethia about, so it seems I may be able to work with a 8 and extend the inseam.  It is a little bigger at the waist but I like my extra ease there so I may just keep it like that.  It will probably be necessary to go with the 8 with the pants because I have a feeling the legs will be too baggy.   What y’all think?

It takes great skill and long arms to take a picture of your own butt!  Boogie took the first one, but waking a child from sleep to take a picture of your butt seems borderline abusive.

I’ve also read that some people that have made up the pattern are not really pear shaped, and in some ways I feel that too, but honestly I don’t look as pear as I am in them!! I keep on comparing the picture below with my pictures of me in the shorts and it does not look like the same hips!!!  Must be the illusion that well fitting clothes can give you.

Well my Mission maxi fits me well….it just emphases certain things that the shorts seem to be able to camouflage.

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7 Responses to Scooping Has Actually Fixed It!…I Think!

  1. Shawnta, you are so cute and crazy you make me smile every time! Love your dress and I’m so enjoying your pants exploration.

  2. “…but waking a child from sleep to take a picture of your butt seems borderline abusive.”~ Hilarious!

    What a wonderful save on the shorts, they look great!

  3. Your new fit looks great! For the life of me I just can’t understand scooping yet. Maybe I’ll get it one day. I’ve probably scooped already without really knowing what I was actually doing. Any, your shorts look great!

  4. Awesome shorts and I’m impressed with you ability to photograph your backside!

  5. These shorts rock and I am so jealous. This is inspiring to see. I think I need to fit me some short of my own now. I love your maxi too.

  6. Pants are trickier to fit and so glad that you got the “scoop”. Thank you for sharing the details to get a more flattering fit.

  7. They look great! Huge improvement from such a (seemingly) small adjustment! Sewing is so fascinating and complicated that way, isn’t it?!?

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